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Natalia, Kiev (ukr275)

Birth date:
163 cm
travel manager
Family status:
fluent English, German

I decided to write a little about myself in order to be able to understand what kind of a man Id like to see next to me (with this questionnaire you can not feel what type of person I am). If everything from childhood begins with a dream, then all my dreams came true, but still one I have :-) It is true! My nature. I cast away qualities such as hatred, anger, resentment, envy (a man is imperfect...). If one sparks out negative, Im just going away from him. I always want to go ahead. Maybe - its from childhood (Im a master of sports in shooting). Maybe my a sign of the zodiac is pushing me. My motto in life: "It is better to laugh once more, than to cry" :-) Humor - is my friend, who always helps me. And in general, I am very positive person. About friends. Ive got not a lot of friends, but they are very real. When my my leg was broken, they came to visit me, brought food and cooked, washed the floors (I was very uncomfortable with it). But the friendship - is day-and-night support. Career. The dashing 90-s, when the Sowiet Union collapsed, there was a question, what to do? In the newspaper I read: "School of guides and interpreters looks for candidates." I was drawn like a magnet. Last contest and since then I have been working in tourism. I worked for him for 21 years and was on all the steps of the career ladder. From a guide (by the way I have visited about 30 countries, traveled the length and breadth as a bus guide) to the CEO of the French firm. I was nominated for the "Best Manager of the Year" for the project with Tina Karol (Ukrainian famous singer). Several years ago, I organized my own travel agency. In the economically unstable country without credits - its hard! By the way, I participated in the tourism exhibition in Berlin. A family. My son did not go in my footsteps. His love - airplanes! He graduated from the National Aviation University in Kiev, and worked for more than 10 years working in air transport. I insisted him to formhis company for transportation. And so it turned out. I helped him a little, but my help was not needed. What I mean, if a man is successful, it means that near him stands a woman, who supports him, helps, inspires and convinces. Life style. I have never smoked and do not drink alcohol. Everyone is asking - why? I do not like it. Yes, I do not eat meat for a long time. Im not a vegetarian, just do not eat meat. One guide in Switzerland said that the people here are crazy about healthy lifestyle, as indeed in all of Europe. And to me its very close. I like sauna and for some years I visited a bath of swimming in the river, and in winter too! :-) Maybe thats why I look younger, than my years. And a lot of men younger than I think, Im the same age as they... I like to live interesting life. So, now I wind down and want to be paired with an interesting, reliable person, who like to travel, visit exhibitions, museums, etc.. And to visit those places, that I like to visit, but not that are on the program for the group. And do not worry, if someone is behind the group and can not find the way, when the next tour guide is waiting at the designated location. I just want to enjoy the life and society of a loved one! With me it is very convenient and easy! But I also want to live comfortably today! I was used to the fact, that I was always alone, although it was a bad habit! But from 3 billion of people in the world there can be only one, who will love. We need to try it! Thats why I appealed to this agency. I do not know the marriage business, I am better in the tourism. But, if now I have a little time (unlikely Ill be looking for a mate in 60), I am ready to try!


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