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Katerina, Rivne (khm285)

Fecha de nacimiento:
14 November 1989
170 cm
59 kg
Estado marital:
english English (Good)
Más sobre mi:
I am a person of analytical thinking. I live my head and heart, although not always succeed find a balance. I think that everyone has their own opinion and this is normal. I also think that the family should have support and warmth, openness and the opportunity to talk about everything, what excites. By nature, strong, although it does not always bring me pleasure. I want to be in a relationship that brings pleasure, brighten up each others life, being both friends and lovers, learning new things. I want feel like a woman, desired and beloved, protected. I am also looking for understanding. In turn, I will do my best for my man to be the best and most desired. Here we need dialogue and desires to know each other. Sexual part - I am not against experiments, but in moderation, without violence. Preferences like I dont have any, because I always thought that this can be known only with my beloved husband. I think that we need to protect each other, especially health. I want to have children and so that they are welcome. But this will primarily depend on the man. I think two will be enough, because I want to be able to spend enough time with my husband. Also, so that he takes an active part in education.I respect other religions, and I m not against to change my. Not too religious. I like to make comfort at home , but also want to develop and do some work for my soul. Perhaps a simple job or starting a small business. Sometimes I like to sit at home and nothing to do.:))) My character is emotional, truthful, I do not like to play in feelings -they either exist or not. Modest in moderation, self-critical, purposeful, friendly, tactful. I can do a lot for my dear people. Reliable, responsible, caring, strong, courageous, with his hobbies, respectful of his family, but not fanatical. That there was a desire to improve in different directions. It is advisable to go in for sports. Ready to start a family and take responsibility. And most importantly, understanding and acceptance. I mean, it s not always possible to understand another person, but you can hear and try to do it. I am interested in a healthy person who can conduct dialogue and act, value a partner and help each other becomes better. I respect honesty and tact that I would like to receive in return. Against violence or the desire to force to do something.

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